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Commercial Courses

We offer a range of MCA and RYA approved courses which are required for people working in the marine industry. The level of qualifications you require is dependent on the size of the vessel you will be working on and the sea area it operates in. A series of tables to help you to decide on the courses you wish to take can be found under resources.

Within the marine industry we have found that students come from two distinct sectors: the general marine sector including wind farm support vessels, harbour services etc. and the Superyacht sector. Although the legal requirements for certification are the same, the Super yacht industry has specific requirements so we have added a page covering their specific requirements.

Some customers are sent by their employers who have specific needs while others book themselves onto courses to advance their careers. In either case It is essential that you book on courses that match your experience and aims so if you are at all unsure then we recommend that you read our Which Commercial course guide or call us on 01243 432485.