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Online RYA VHF Radio Course (DSC)

  • It is a legal requirement that if you have a Marine VHF Radio either with or without DSC (Digital Selective Calling) including a handheld VHF Radio, one person on board has to have the RYA VHF SRC Operators Certificate. This can be obtained by completing the online course or by attending a one day classroom based course.

    The VHF Radio course covers the following:

    •  VHF Radio rules and regulations
    •  Hands on operation of marine VHF/DSC Radios
    •  The phonetic alphabet
    •  Basic radio language
    •  Use of correct channels
    •  Making calls to other stations
    •  Sending a distress alert and distress message
    •  Sending an urgency alert and message
    •  Sending a safety alert and message
    •  Making routine alerts and calls
    •  EPIRBs
    •  SARTs
    •  ATIS

    To view a full RYA VHF / SRC Radio Course syllabus please click on the tab above.

    The online course software which is compatible with PC, Mac or Ipad is fully interactive and includes a VHF DSC Radio Simulator for you to practice on. The course is split into seven training modules which are downloaded as a single course package, and a Pre-exam Knowledge Check Once installed, the training modules can be completed offline but you must go back online when youve finished so that the completion of the modules can be synced to RYA Interactive and allow you to continue to the Pre-exam Knowledge Check.

    On booking you will be sent login details and a pack will be issued to you which will include a copy of the RYA VHF Handbook to assist with your studying. Once you have successfully completed all of the modules online and completed the Pre-exam knowledge check you will be issued with a course completion certificate which will have a unique reference number on it. You will then need to contact us to arrange a convenient time to attend for the SRC examination which is split into two parts, a short written test and a practical assessment. We anticipate that it will take about 1 ½ hours to give you sufficient time to be able to practice on the radio before being assessed. On successful completion your application form together with the £70 examination and certificate RYA fee will be sent to the RYA who will then issue your RYA VHF SRC Operators Certificate

    You can see a taster video of the online course by clicking on the tab above or you can download a taster version of the course – Online RYA VHF SRC Radio Course - taster

    To book on a course please click the book now button on the right of the page or to discuss your requirements you can contact us seven days a week from 8.00a.m to 7.30pm on 01243 432485 or 07702 842190

  • Syllabus - RYA VHF / SRC Radio Course

    To be awarded the VHF Short Range Certificate students must be able to:

    1. Distress Situations
      • Define a distress situation
      • Initiate a DSC Distress Alert with position and time input manually or automatically
      • Send a Mayday call and message by voice
      • Respond appropriately to a DSC distress alert and to a Mayday call and message including relay of a distress message.
      • Know how to deploy an EPIRB and a SART
    2. Urgency Situations
      • Define an urgency situation
      • Initiate a DSC urgency alert
      • send a Pan Pan call and message by voice
      • Respond appropriately to an urgency message
    3. Safety Situations
      • Identify a situation in which a safety message is appropriate
      • Input a DSC safety alert
      • Send a safety message by voice
      • Receive Maritime Safety Information by NAVTEX
    4. Routine Communication
      • Initiate a DSC routine alert
      • Establish communication and exchange messages with other stations by voice on appropriate channels
      • Test the radiotelephone by means of an appropriate test call
      • Initiate a DSC self test
      • Enter a DSC group and individual MMSI
      • Maintain an appropriate listening watch on DSC and voice channels
      • Use the International Phonetic Alphabet
  • RYA VHF SRC Online Radio Course - FAQ’s

    These are a few of the questions we get asked by people booking on the RYA VHF SRC Radio course. If you have any further queries or are unsure whether this is the course for you please call us on 01243 432485 and we will be only too happy to chat to you.

    Do I need to complete the RYA VHF SRC Radio Course?

    If you have a VHF radio with or without DSC (including a handheld VHF Radio) on board your boat or you are going to charter a boat with a radio on board then one person on board needs to be trained by completing the one day VHF SRC Radio Course to obtain their operators certificate.

    In addition prior to obtaining the RYA Coastal Skipper practical, RYA MCA Yachtmaster Coastal or the RYA MCA Yachtmaster Offshore Certificate of competence you must have the RYA VHF SRC Operators certificate in addition to a valid RYA First Aid Certificate.

    Is there an exam ?

    You will need to attend a training centre to complete both a short written paper and a formal practical assessment carried out by an external assessor. We anticipate that this will take between 1-1 ½ hours to allow you time to familiarise yourself with the radio.

    What type of person does this course?

    We have a wide range of people from varying backgrounds on the VHF SRC Radio Course, including dinghy sailors, sea kayakers, powerboaters and yachties. Some people have their own boats, some crew on other peoples or want to charter.

    What do I need to bring with me to the assessment.?

    You will need to bring your application form (provided with the pack), course completion certificate and a passport sized photograph together with the £70 RYA fee.

    What time does the assessment start and finish?

    You can arrange a convenient date and time with us once you have completed the online course. We estimate that it will take, including some time to practice on the radio about 1 1/2 hours.

    Where will the assessments be held?

    They will be held at one of our classroom in Emsworth Yacht Harbour, Thorney Road, Emsworth, Hants PO10 8BP

    What qualification will I get once I have completed the course?

    On successful completion of the course your application will be sent away to the RYA who will issue you with the RYA VHF SRC Operators certificate

    Do I need internet access to complete the course ?

    You need an Internet connection (broadband or 3G) to download the course onto your computer and to then sync your machine to the RYA interactive site once you have completed the modules. You will however be able to complete the modules offline.

    Do I get to use a real radio?

    On the online course you will use a computer simulator but when you come in to do the assessments you will use a real VHF DSC Radio (it is depowered so wont transmit outside the classroom). You will be given time prior to the assessments to familiarise yourself with the radio.

    Is there a minimum age to be able to complete the RYA VHF SRC Radio Course?

    You need to be 12 or over to complete the course and be issued with a certificate of competence but you will not be able to complete the exams and so will not be able to receive the full authority to operate until you are 16.

    How do I book?

    Just click on the book now button

to discuss your requirements you can contact us seven days a week from 8.00a.m to 7.30pm on 01243 432485 or 07702 842190

Cost: £75

(Plus £70 RYA fee)

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